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Premium Warm Plush Tights

Premium Warm Plush Tights

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Tired of being cold with your old fragile tights? Want to wear your best outfits this winter without fearing the cold? Our tights are made for you. 

"These are amazing if you like wearing skirts or dresses. The inside is very fluffy and warm, so you’ll stay warm during winter! I bought all colors and I love them!" PRISCILLIA N ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

Never catch cold again and look your best!

Want to look good this fall and winter without catching a cold? Then all you need are these plush tights that will keep you warm while accentuating the curves of your body. Pair them with your favorite dress or skirt and you will definitely look and feel great!

✔ Keeps you warm all day long.
These warm fleece tights are a must-have for the colder seasons. It features a warm plush interior to keep your legs warm and comfortable in cool weather.

✔ Super comfortable and untearable.
FlawlessLegs™ super stretch fabric keeps you warm and comfortable all day long. Plus, it's impossible to tear your panties like regular panties do.

✔ Warm yet breathable
Don't worry about sweaty legs! The innovative design of FlawlessLegs™ ensures that you do not freeze and sweat at the same time.

✔ Does not slip down when worn.
These stretchy plush tights feature an elastic waistband that comfortably hugs your legs and ensures the tights stay up without sliding down. No more pulling up your tights every two minutes!

✔ Boosts your confidence.
These warm tights feature a built-in high-waisted shaper that flattens your tummy and shapes your legs to make you feel more comfortable and confident in all your clothes.


Material: Nylon
Free size: It is very stretchy and ideal women of all sizes.

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