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Silensun 360° Dewatering Scraper Mop

Silensun 360° Dewatering Scraper Mop

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Tired of the hassle and inefficiency of traditional mops?

Step into the future of cleaning with our ground-breaking 360° Dewatering Scraper Mop. This innovative solution is designed to make cleaning easier, more efficient and hygienic and will change the way you maintain your space.

Wave goodbye to the tiresome twisting of traditional mops. Our ingenious dewatering scraper eliminates the need for manual squeezing. Experience a cleaner and more hygienic cleaning process without ever having to touch the mop directly.


Your space deserves nothing but the finest!

With the 360° Dewatering Scraper Mop, you don't just clean, you achieve a new level of efficiency and hygiene. It simplifies your cleaning routine, saves you time and ensures a more thorough and satisfactory cleaning.

The ultimate solution to modern cleaning challenges

The 360° Dewatering Scraper Mop addresses the shortcomings of traditional cleaning methods by providing effective drying, improved hygiene, back strain prevention, comprehensive cleaning, absorbent and reusable pads and versatility across floor types. It is a comprehensive solution that elevates your cleaning routine and effectively tackles common cleaning challenges.

Important Features

🧼 Effortless drainage scraper: The scraper simply slides up and down to dry the mop, while the built-in toothed comb effectively removes hair and dirt.

⚙️ Long-lasting Stainless Steel Shaft: Made for durability and convenience, the three-piece stainless steel shaft can be extended to a total length of 126 cm (49.60 inches). This extended handle is carefully designed to accommodate different heights, reducing the need to bend and stoop.

⭐ Designed with your well-being in mind: Protect your physical well-being and avoid back pain from constantly bending over. The robust stainless steel construction ensures long-term use without worries of unexpected breakage.

🔄 360° flexible rotating mop head: Equipped with a dynamic 360° rotating mop head, you get effortless access to all nooks and crannies. Slip effortlessly under furniture and into tight spaces where dust often collects. The result? A careful, comprehensive cleaning where no hidden corners are untouched. The top hook on the handle allows for vertical wall storage, optimizing space utilization.

🧽 Double microfiber pads: Experience exceptional absorption with our included microfiber pads. One is pre-installed for immediate use. These pads are excellent at soaking up liquids and can absorb several times their weight. They pick up hair, dust and dirt from your floors. After use, you can easily throw the microfiber pads in the washing machine. They can withstand countless machine washes without losing shape or efficiency.

🏠 Versatility across floor types: Our versatile mop is made from first-class materials and is suitable for a wide range of hard floors, including tiles, wood, laminate and resin. Its compatibility ensures a gentle but effective cleaning of all surfaces, making it your perfect partner in daily cleaning routines.

Why does the 360° Dewatering Scraper Mop stand out?

The 360° Dewatering Scraper Mop is your ultimate choice for cleaning because it redefines convenience, efficiency and hygiene in your cleaning routine.


360° Dewatering Scraper Mop

Traditional mops

Hygienic Cleaning


Prevention from back strain


Highly absorbent




360° Rotating mop head







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